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Wholesale Camel Blue Cigaretts Online in 2011 of 20 cartons

Wholesale Camel Blue Cigaretts Online in 2011 of 20 cartonsWholesale Camel Blue Cigaretts Online in 2011 of 20 cartons

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Wholesale Camel Blue Cheap Cigaretts Online,The Original Camel cigarettes which became one of the most popular cigarette brands since they were introduced by J. R. Reynolds tobacco company at 1913. The high nicotine content but smooth taste makes Camel cigarettes a classic that will never go away.
The reason for Camel Cigarettes being so popular is not sophisticated. Superb Turkish blend is the one that appeals to those smokers who like calm and relaxed smoking. If you like smoking in complete Nirvana, Camels will certainly provide you with the superb smoking experience. Millions of Camel adorers can't be wrong.
The name was chosen because in the early 20th century travels to far away places were in vogue and a camel symbolised that nicely.The package artwork was used by rock band Camel for their second album Mirage (including the package sides to make for a square image).Urinating manOf trivial interest is the image of the  Cheap Camel Cigarettes Sale on the packet itself. When closely inspected, the shading in the upper part of the camel's front leg may appear to resemble a man, with one arm behind his back, facing toward the rear of the camel, and apparently urinating. Recent packs appear to have somewhat different shading, possibly indicating RJ Reynolds became aware of the "urinating man".Package textsThe reverse sides of most packs or boxes of Camel Cigarettes Cheap display the following text:Turkish tobacco is the world's smoothest, most aromatic leaf. Blending it with more robust domestic tobaccos is the secret to Camel's distinctive flavor and world-class smoothness.
Box Type King Size Box
Cartons 1
Count 100
Nicotine 0.7mg
Packs 10
Tar 8mg